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Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks For the Start of the Fall Season

Summer has started to loosen its grip on our area, and we can already feel a hint of fall in the air. School is back in session, football season has kicked off, and before you know it, we’ll be attending bonfires, picking pumpkins and drinking hot cocoa.

Forest Lake Electricians Debunk The Top 7 Electricity Myths

When it comes to the subject of home electricity, there are plenty of myths, half-truths and an abundance of bald-faced lies.  It is awfully difficult for homeowners to separate fact from fiction.  Fret not, our Forest Lake Electricians are here to debunk the most pervasive home electricity myths.  Without further adieu, let's take a look at some common misconceptions about home electricity.

The Best Ways To Prevent Air Conditioning Repairs in Sauk Rapids

You spent good money for your home air conditioning system.  It is in your interest to do everything possible to prevent potentially costly repairs.  Though every air conditioning system will eventually require at least one repair, Sauk Rapids homeowners who are proactive will minimize the frequency and magnitude of such repairs.  The question is what, exactly, can homeowners do to prevent costly AC repairs?  Our Sauk Rapids Air Conditioner Repair Company has the answers.

The Main Problems With An Air Conditioner Short Cycling in Elk River

Air conditioner short-cycling occurs when the system repeatedly turns on and off without much of a delay between the cooling cycles.  If your air conditioner is short-cycling in Elk River, do not assume it is occurring simply because the outdoor temperature is high.  There is likely something wrong with the system's internal components.  Short-cycling is likely to cause your AC unit to wear down much sooner than it should.  Adding salt to the wound is the fact that short-cycling will hike your monthly energy bill.  These are only some of the problems our AC Repair technicians see on a regular basis caused by AC short-cycling.

7 Reasons Why It's Time Call A St Cloud Electrician For An Inspection

Most homeowners assume their home's electrical system will function to perfection for decades.  However, some homes are laden with faulty wiring.  Other homes simply have old electrical systems that require replacement.  If your home's electrical system has not been inspected in years or if you are concerned there is something wrong with the wiring, it is in your interest to call a St Cloud Electrician for an inspection.  Let's take a quick look at the top signs that indicate it is time for an electrical inspection in St Cloud.

7 Reasons You Need Licensed Plumbers for Your Forest Lake Home

Most people do not take the time to ask prospective plumbers in Forest Lake if they are licensed.  There is nothing to feel guilty about when posing this question to plumbers.  After all, you are the one in control of the situation.  The plumber is looking to add a client to his or her “roster” so you have every right to ask for proof of licensing.  Below, we explain why you should ask for such proof before letting a Forest Lake Plumber get to work on your home plumbing system.

5 Key Plumbing Tips for Your Newly-bought Sauk Rapids Home

Now that you have a home of your own, it is time to celebrate.  You will likely be spending an abundance of time in your newly-purchased home in the months to come.  This is the perfect time to invite friends, family and co-workers over for drinks and fun.  Hopefully, all of the appliances, doors and windows will function as expected.  However, there is a chance something will go wrong.  You can minimize the odds of a plumbing problem by being proactive.  After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a costly plumbing issue that proves frustrating and time-consuming.  Follow the tips outlined below from our Sauk Rapids Plumbers  will dramatically reduce the odds of a plumbing problem at your new digs.

6 Sump Pump Maintenance Tips From Elk River Plumbing Pros

The average homeowner forgets about the basement sump pump simply because it is out of sight.  Neglect your home's sump pump long enough and you will pay the price in the form of damage to your basement and possibly other parts of your home.  Our Elk River Plumbers are here to help you avoid this outcome.  Follow our sump pump maintenance tips as detailed below and you will sidestep potential damage to your home basement.

7 Reasons People Love Installing Tankless Water Heaters in St Cloud

Those who pay attention to home trends have likely heard about installing tankless water heaters.  We are on the cusp of tankless water heaters going mainstream in residential homes as well as commercial properties.  Tankless water heaters are exactly as they sound: there is no tank to store the water that is heated.  Let's take a quick look at the top reasons to consider installing a tankless water heater in your St Cloud home.

How To Prevent Air Conditioner Repairs in Elk River

The functionality of your Elk River home air conditioning system will prove that much more important as we approach the dog days of summer.  If your air conditioning system does not function as effectively or efficiently as it should, it is only a matter of time until problems arise.  The last thing you need is for your Elk River home to lose its air conditioning functionality when the temperatures approach triple digits.

What's Happening When Your Shower and Toilet are Simultaneously Clogged

A clogged toilet and shower will certainly prove annoying yet this unique plumbing quandary is not the end of the world.  If you experience such dual clogging at the same time, remain calm.  Our St. Cloud Plumbers are here to help return your plumbing system and living space to normal.  Let's take a look at why these two types of clogs occur at the same moment in time. 

An Inside Look Sauk Rapids Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your Sauk Rapids home air conditioning system needs maintenance just like every other machine.  Unfortunately, plenty of Sauk Rapids homeowners fail to have to their air conditioning system inspected or maintained.  Skip the annual maintenance session and you will roll the dice on your air conditioning system's functionality for the entirety of the upcoming summer. 

The Logic Behind St Cloud Air Conditioning System Tune-ups

People living in St. Cloud and elsewhere tend to assume it is only lawnmowers and automobiles that require tune-ups.  In reality, your St. Cloud Air Conditioning System requires a tune-up just as much as your car and lawnmower.  However, few local homeowners opt for an air conditioner tune-up as they assume it is unnecessary and a waste of money.  If your home air conditioning system has not been tuned-up in the past year or if you are uncertain of the system's functionality or efficiency, it is time for an tune-up.  Below, we explain why it makes sense to spend the little bit of money necessary for an annual air conditioner tune-up.

4 Ways Plumbers Can Help Eliminate Sink Stink in Your Elk River Home

Homeowners and renters in Elk River should not have to worry about sink stink.  If any of your home's sinks are even slightly odorous, it is time to take action.  Below, we detail several ways to attack sink stink on your own without the assistance of professional plumbers in Elk River.  However, there is a chance your sink will still emit a nasty odor after you try these methods.  If your home is plagued by sink stink after trying the solutions detailed in this article, reach out to our local plumbers in Elk River right away.  We will address the underlying cause of the sink stink to return your Elk River home to normalcy without delay.

Why Plumbers Say A Runny Forest Lake Toilet Will Drain Your Savings

If your toilet is acting up, do not fall into the trap of doing nothing and assuming it will return to its normal functionality in due time.  Though burst pipes and blockages are certainly problematic, a running toilet is particularly concerning.  Toilets that run excessively after flushes are actually quite common yet some Forest Lake residents do not take this problem seriously. 

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