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Finding the Right Faucet for You

If you have a faucet that needs replacing or if you’re thinking about upgrading a faucet or two in your home, there’s a lot to consider and there are a lot of different models from which to choose. If price is your primary concern, it’s important to remember that sometimes the cheapest choice comes with hidden expenses and is no bargain. A knowledgeable St. Cloud plumber will explore your options with you and will help you find the faucet that’s right for you.

Sump Pumps: Do I Need One?

You’ve heard of sump pumps, but do you know what they actually do and whether or not your home or office needs one? If you don’t have a professionally installed sump pump in your home, you’re probably not as protected from flooding or damaging moisture as you could be. Water damage in any form is costly and inconvenient to repair, but it can also lead to the mold and mildew that poses health risks. If your home or office isn’t equipped with a sump pump, it’s time to consult with a St. Cloud plumbing professional.

Reduce Your Utility Bills and Conserve Energy

You pay your utility bills each month, and you likely don’t give them a lot of thought in the process. They have to paid, after all. Making small tweaks around your home or office, however, can help reduce the cost of your utilities, help conserve energy, and help protect you from costly plumbing emergencies. An experienced St. Cloud plumber will help you make smart upgrades that make a difference in your utility bills.

Top 6 Advantages of Advanced Water Filtration Systems

The water that we drink and use in our homes and offices is first treated in a water treatment plant that renders it relatively safe but that doesn’t necessarily optimize it for use. Further, on the journey from the water treatment facility to our taps, water can absorb additional contaminates. Today’s advanced water filtration systems help clean and optimize the water that we drink and use. A reputable St. Cloud plumbing service will help you explore your options.

Snaking vs. Hydrojetting – Which Cleans Drains Better?

If you have a slow or clogged drain, you likely have questions about how to get it back up and running. Can you simply do it yourself with a snake purchased at the hardware store or do you need to bring in a professional? It’s a great question, and the answer depends upon what’s happening with your plumbing. It’s safe to say, however, that unless your clog is a recent occurrence that a quick snaking by a layman (you) takes care of, it’s in your best interests to call in a professional St. Cloud plumber.

Consumer Alert: Navien Recalls Tankless Water Heater Models

Tankless water heaters have much to offer by way of an environmentally friendly mechanism for delivering exactly as much hot water as you need – when you need it. If you are in the market for a new water heater, a tankless heater may be the way to go, and an experienced St. Cloud plumber will help you explore your options and find the water heater that fits your home or office’s needs.

Drain Cleaners: Are They a Good Idea?

If your pipes aren’t draining the way you’d like, you may be tempted to pour one of those chemical drain cleaners down the drain and be done with the problem. After all, the bottled cleaners all claim to replace the services of profession plumbers. Before you pour your hard earned money down the drain, however, read on and learn more about these so-called plumber substitutes.

Avoiding Plumbing Myths

Most home and business owners don’t pay a lot of attention to their plumbing systems – until a problem arises. There are some plumbing myths floating around out there, however, that you may be tempted to rely upon. Acquaint yourself with these myths, and you won’t fall victim to their sometimes damaging effects. If you have a problem with your plumbing that goes beyond a basic plunging situation, it’s almost always in your best interest to call in a professional St. Cloud plumber.

Fats, Oils, and Grease Don’t Belong in Your Kitchen Sink

You’ve probably heard it before, but it bears repeating, you shouldn’t put fats, oils, or grease down your kitchen sink. While you probably wouldn’t pour bacon fat down your drain, that’s not the end of the story. The fats and oils that you use while cooking can end up sticking to your pipes and attracting a buildup of debris that slows your drain and can lead to blockages in your sewer system (the pipes that carry water from your home, through your yard, and into the city’s sewer system). Once fats make their way into your sewer system, they are likely to react negatively with the contents of that system and can ultimately result in a total blockage that necessitates expensive and inconvenient repairs. If cooking grease has left your drains sluggish or has caused your pipes to clog, it’s time to call in a professional St. Cloud plumber.

Regularly Scheduled Plumbing Maintenance Is Always a Good Idea

If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t give your plumbing a lot of thought until there’s a reason to think about it – like when there’s a problem. What you may not realize, however, is that regularly scheduled maintenance with a professional St. Cloud plumber can help keep plumbing problems at bay and can save you time and money in the long run. Not only will regular maintenance help you take care of potential problems before they morph into something major but will also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbing is in good working order.

Smart Bathrooms Have Arrived

It was only a matter of time before bathroom plumbing fixtures got smart, and that time has arrived. If it’s time for a new bathroom fixture – or you’re ready for a complete remodel – there are modern fixtures that will not only suit your needs but that can also help you conserve water and save money in the long run. Discuss your options with an experienced St. Cloud plumber.

Don’t Ignore a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal plays an important role in your kitchen, but you probably don’t think about it much as long as it’s working according to plan. If your disposal is on the fritz, you’re going to notice – not only is it extremely inconvenient and malodorous but can also damage your pipes. There are several ways you can help keep your garbage disposal running in tiptop shape. If you do get a basic clog, you may even be able to remedy it yourself by following several simple steps. If, however, your own ministrations don’t take care of the problem, you’ll need an experienced St. Cloud plumber.

Hard Water Is Hard on Your Plumbing

The water that flows through your plumbing system has an effect on that system. If your water happens to be hard, it can be especially damaging to your pipes, connectors, and fixtures. Hard water is caused by an unusually high mineral count, and minerals can leave your water tasting off, can make it harder to rinse your clothes and dishes clean, and can damage your plumbing system in the process. If you have hard water, you may be so used to its effects that you are don’t recognize their cause. There are however several telltale signs that your water is hard and that you need the services of a reputable St. Cloud plumbing and heating company.

If It’s Time for a New Toilet, You Have Plenty of Options

Like anything else, toilets eventually wear out. Further, you may be planning a bathroom renovation that includes a toilet upgrade. Whatever the reason, if it’s time for a new toilet, you have more choices than ever before. Familiarize yourself with what’s out there, and a professional St. Cloud plumber will help you find exactly the right toilet – with the right options – for you and your household.

Camera Inspections: A St Cloud Plumbing Contractors Most Useful Tool

If you’re having trouble with the drains and/or pipes that make up the plumbing system in your home or office, it may be time to call in a St Cloud Plumbing Contractor. The deeper the problem lies in your pipes, the more serious it likely is. If your drains are slow or are backing up and regular plunging doesn’t help or if the problem is chronic, it’s in your best interest to bring in a professional St. Cloud plumber. But rest assured, the tools of the plumbing trade have come a long way, and the plumbing repairs you need are likely to be much less invasive than you imagine.

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