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St. Cloud Whole House Ventilation System

In order to maintain a pleasant temperature at home, it is necessary to even out the balance between the indoor and outdoor air circulating through it. The right type of ventilation system can ensure the best indoor air quality, thereby making your residence more comfortable. Modern whole house ventilation systems are energy-efficient, which is why you should have one in your home, especially if you’re having problems with proper ventilation. Neighborhood is here to help!

Whole house ventilation system installe by neighborhood sevice technician in minnesota

Different Types of Whole House Ventilation Systems

Mentioned ahead are some of the most common types of whole house ventilation systems:

  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems: These work by letting fresh air in and pushing stale air out of your home. They’re are most suitable for use in cool climates.
  • Supply Ventilation Systems: These systems pressurize your home to capture fresh air and force out stale air through leaks and ducts. They’re most suitable for use in hot climates.
  • Balanced Ventilation Systems: These work by pulling in new air and pushing out stagnant air repeatedly, circulating fresh air throughout your home. They work well in all climates.
  • Energy-Recovery and Heat-Recovery Ventilation Systems: These bring fresh air into your home and throw excess heat and moisture outside. The best thing about using these systems is that even tightly insulated homes can receive fresh air without excessive energy consumption.

How These Systems Work

Wondering how whole house ventilation systems work to draw fresh and clean air in while throwing old air out? Read on.

The whole-house ventilation system unit is installed with air ducts attached to it. These ducts are spread throughout the interior of the house (across each room). Some connected ducts lead outside of the residence.

One of the ducts allows clean air into the unit while the other releases stale air outside. This happens continually. In this way, clean air is circulated throughout your home without tampering with the existing temperature in the rooms.

Benefits of Whole House Ventilation Systems

Some merits of installing a whole house ventilation system include:

  • Enhanced air quality as pollutants, emissions and stale air are eliminated.
  • Lowered energy costs because you lose less heating and cooling.
  • Improved indoor comfort as these systems maintain the temperature of every room in your home.

Learn How We Can Help with Whole House Ventilation System

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