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St. Cloud Whole House Humidifiers

Visit any St. Cloud home and you will notice a variation in the level of humidity in each. In fact, humidity levels keep changing even within a home. This can cause discomfort and give rise to respiratory issues, allergies, static electricity, and damage to your walls and home décor. If you’re considering installing a whole house humidifier, get in touch with Neighborhood today. We will empower you with a humidifier system that enables you to monitor and adjust the level of humidity in your home, putting you in control.

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Different Types of Whole House Humidifiers

Here are the different whole house humidifier types:

  • Bypass humidifiers: These humidifiers catch warm air from the home’s heat ducts and let it flow through a water panel. The air then absorbs moisture, which is released back into the air stream, and finally into your house.

  • Fan-powered humidifiers: These function just like the bypass humidifier, but include a fan that releases air across the water panel for better water evaporation.

  • Steam humidifiers: These function by boiling water electrically to create humidity in the form of steam even if the home’s furnace isn’t on. The steam is captured and emitted throughout the home vents by the system blower.

Pros & Cons of Whole House Humidifiers

Some advantages and disadvantages of using whole house humidifiers are mentioned as under.

Pros: Whole house humidifier are:

  • Affordable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Known to lower operational costs
  • Capable of adjusting humidity levels automatically
  • Proven to lower energy bills
  • Attachable with HVAC systems for a moisture-free home
  • Able to lower humidity levels, thereby preventing wooden home décor from damage
  • Capable of mitigating health issues and allergies

Cons: Whole house humidifier can:

  • Hide the bigger issues, such as air leakage, in your home
  • Result in mold growing in the air ducts and your home if not installed properly

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