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St. Cloud Whole House Air Cleaners

If you think the air you breathe inside your home is pure and fresh, think again! According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is one of the top five risks to public health. Things can get worse if you (or someone in your family) suffer from allergies or asthma. Luckily, the skilled technicians at Neighborhood can equip you with whole house air cleaners to control the purity of the air in your home. These systems are installed as part of your residence’s heating and cooling system.

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Most Common Air Cleaning Technologies:

Mentioned ahead are some of the most common air cleaning technologies used by distributors of whole house air cleaning systems.

  • Electrostatic Attraction: Air passes through an ionized sector inside the filter. The particles are then charged electrically while they accumulate on flat plates in an oppositely charged collector. The particles are then neutralized, allowing the emission of clean air from the system.

  • HEPA Filtration: Air flows through a HEPA filter-based purifier and is fused with a forced-air furnace or air handler. It passes through several filters, with each one removing impurities.

  • Ion Generation: Ionizers dispense charged ions into the air, which cling to airborne particles, thereby charging them enough to attach themselves to nearby surfaces or furniture. These charged particles can be cleaned up during the routine cleaning of the house.

How Whole House Air Cleaners Work

Whole house air cleaners are installed as part of your house’s heating and cooling system. Every time you start your HVAC, the air in your home gets filtered through sophisticated media that eliminates harmful pollutants from all your rooms. What you’re left with is clean air, which spreads throughout your home through your HVAC systems ductwork.

Benefits of Whole House Air Cleaners

Some advantages of using whole house air cleaners include:

  • Better health as airborne pollutants and contaminants are eliminated.
  • Improved cooling and comfort due to the clean healthy air filling up your home.
  • Greater energy savings due to enhanced equipment efficiency.
  • Extended equipment life and lowered maintenance/repair costs.
  • Sound investment for better quality of air and life.

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