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St. Cloud Water Leak Repair

You come home and notice the floor by your washing machine is wet or you hear bubbling in your toilet. Your water bill arrives and it is much higher than usual, and your water meter keeps ticking even when you’re not using any water. These - and more - are signs that you may have a water leak.

Leaks can happen for many reasons that are difficult to detect and locate, though ignoring a leak can cause major damage to your home. Leaks can cause cracks in your foundation, damage to your walls and floors, mold and mildew throughout your home, and more. If you think you have a leak, turn off your main water valve and call our St. Cloud plumbing professionals as soon as possible instead of wasting time searching online for “water leak repair near me.” We are experts when it comes to locating and repairing water leaks.


Our Services

We regularly provide the following services for people in the St. Cloud area:

  • Leak detection using cameras and state-of-the-art technology
  • Pipe repairs or replacements
  • Repairs for leak damage to the floors, walls, or foundation
  • Moisture readings in your home

The sooner you have the leak repaired by a professional, the less damage your house will sustain and the more money you’ll save in the long run. We can also help if a leak has already caused substantial damage to your home.

We also work with our customers to prevent future leaks by scheduling annual pipe inspections and maintenance. Often, regular service and inspection can avoid costly problems in the future.

Discuss St. Cloud Water Leak Repair with Our Plumbing Professionals

At Neighborhood Plumbing, our St. Cloud water leak experts can help with leak prevention, detection, and repair. If you suspect you might have a water leak, take action right away. Call 877-817-9583 or contact us online to schedule a service appointment.

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