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St. Cloud Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Systems

Ultraviolet or UV lamps provide top-notch air purification solutions for St. Cloud homes. They work quietly, look smooth, and eliminate airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and allergens. AC systems tend to harbor moist environments, which are conducive to the rapid development of such elements. Neighborhood will help you install ultraviolet lamp systems in your home’s HVAC systems. UV lights work by destroying contaminants before they permeate your residence. This means you and your loved ones will be able to breathe clean air in every area of your home.

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How Ultraviolet Lamps Work with AC Systems

The ultraviolet rays emanated from a UV lamp help deter the growth of pollutants and harmful germs in the air. Apart from this, they eliminate odors, smoke, chemical fumes, and other airborne contaminants. UV lights present in HVAC systems work by commencing the oxidation process in advance, even before the unit is switched on. This process involves the use of oxidizers such as hydo-peroxides, ozonized ions, hydro-oxide ions, and super-oxide ions, which purify the air and produce oxygen.

A Couple of Benefits of UV Lamp Systems

Here are few benefits of using UV lamp systems with your HVAC:

  • Eliminate viruses, mold, bacteria, allergens, and germs from indoor air.
  • Bid goodbye to colds and allergies, and enjoy better health.
  • Eliminate odors.
  • Get rid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Enjoy better air quality even in humid weather.
  • Prevent clogging of condensate drain lines by eliminating algae growth.
  • Sustain a cleaner coil and improve cooling efficiency.
  • Lower energy costs.

Drop Us a Line for Further Information on Ultraviolet Lamp Systems

If you're sold on the idea of installing a UV lamp system with your home’s HVAC, give us a call at (855) 265-2345 today to find out how you can benefit from it!

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