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St. Cloud Tankless Water Heater Installation

Many homes have tank-type water heaters, which heat up your home’s water in a storage tank. However, many homeowners are switching to tankless water heaters, which can solve many issues created by tank-type water heaters. If you’re interested in learning more about making the switch, contact the professional team at Neighborhood Plumbing. We can discuss the benefits of tankless water heating, help you select a water heater, and handle the installation process.


neighborhood technician programming a newly installed tankless water heater

Tanks versus Tankless

If you currently have a 40-gallon tank-type water heater, as many homes do, you may notice one or more of the following:

  • High energy bills - This type of heater constantly heats water whether or not you’re using water.
  • Cold showers - Extended use can use up all the hot water in the tank, which means you will have cold water until it refills.
  • Rusty water - When water remains in the tank too long, the interior of the tank can rust, reducing water quality and heater performance.

On the other hand, water is never constantly stored in tankless water heaters. Instead, these heaters use coils to heat your water when you are using it. The heater does not work around the clock and there is no stagnant water rusting away in a tank. This can provide the following benefits:

  • Never-ending hot water
  • Greater efficiency and savings
  • Saving space
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Longer life of your water heater
  • Meets 2015 DOE Standards

Whether your current water heater is going out or you simply want to increase efficiency and lower costs, it might be time to switch to a tankless water heater. We can help with every step of the transition, starting with tankless water heater installation in St. Cloud.

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