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St. Cloud Generator Installation

Installing All Types of Generators in the St. Cloud Area

You rely on electrical power for many aspects of your life, such as your work, entertainment, comfort, food storage, and more. When the power goes out, you may suddenly lose costly amounts of food due to a lack of refrigeration or be unable to stay warm during the brutal Minnesota winter. Most people want to reduce any interruptions in power as much as possible, so having a generator installed in your St Cloud home or business can be a highly beneficial step.


Once you select the right type of generator for your situation, you will want to ensure you have the generator professionally installed. Whether you purchase a home or commercial generator, the St Cloud Electricians at Neighborhood can ensure it is properly installed and ready to protect you in the event of a power outage. Call us today to learn about how our services can help you!

There are many steps to the proper installation of a generator, including:

  • Picking the right location for the generator, which should be a non-flooding area with proper clearance from the house, especially doors and windows. You should also consider proximity to the electric meter and natural gas lines.
  • Preparing the site with gravel or a concrete slab.
  • Connecting fuel lines and installing the transfer switch next to your main breaker box.
  • Simulating an outage to check that everything is set up to work properly.

Once we install your generator, we will also be able to provide regular maintenance, service, and repairs as needed.

Contact Our Generator Installation Experts in St. Cloud to Learn More

Our technicians at Neighborhood have specialized training in generator installation and repairs, and we can help you ensure you are protected when the power goes out. If you would like to discuss your generator options or schedule an installation, call 800-570-4328 or send us a message online today.

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