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St. Cloud Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning and installation require careful consideration. If things go wrong, your indoor air quality stands to suffer, posing a health risk to you and your family. At Neighborhood, we ensure that your AC system’s ducts are cleaned efficiently so the air quality in your home gets better. So, the next time you look online for "duct cleaning services near me," think of Neighborhood.

Neighborhood duct work installation job site

Some of our services include:

  • Checking the AC system for overall wellness and impending issues.
  • Removing registers and cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Identifying and cleaning dirt, dander, and debris build-up.
  • Installing Access Doors for spraying sanitizer/disinfectant with clean fogger, when required.
  • Sealing access doors after use.
  • Reinstating the clean registers safely

What Our Professionals offer under Duct Services?

Duct Cleaning: Have you been using your current AC unit for years? When was the last time you got its air ducts cleaned? They’re probably under-performing due to the buildup of dust and debris.

Duct Sealing: Have you noticed a slowdown in your AC unit’s performance and efficiency recently? It could be due to holes in the air duct. This issue needs expert attention.

Duct Installation: Are your AC system’s ducts installed correctly? Getting your AC unit’s duct installation right is half the battle as it goes a long way in ensuring its optimal performance and efficiency.

Common Signs of Duct Leakage

A few common signs of an air duct leak include:

  • Poor air circulation resulting in bad-quality indoor air.
  • Fluctuating indoor temperatures.
  • Higher energy bills.

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