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St. Cloud Drain Cleaning

It can be frustrating to realize your sink or toilet is draining slowly or is completely clogged. Many factors can cause drain clogs in your home or office, and it is important to address the matter quickly - both, for your own well-being and to prevent any further problems.

If you often find yourself wondering, “Who provides the best services for drain cleaning near me?” we’ve got the answer. For drain cleaning services in St. Cloud, look no further than the trusted team at Neighborhood Plumbing.


Types of drains we work on:

  • Bath and Kitchen Drains - Hair, grease, food, and other substances can get into the drains and create clogs quickly. Sometimes, these drains are coated with gunk and grime that builds up over time. We can fix the clog as well as clean your drains so they work properly.
  • Sewer Drains - Sewer drains can become clogged due to improper disposal of paper towels or other items in toilets, excess waste, or outside factors such as tree roots. Such clogs can keep your dirty water from properly flowing into the sewer system, so they should be addressed immediately.
  • Storm Drains and Catch Basins - These are outside your house and work to prevent debris from getting into the sewer system. If the grates get clogged, it can cause flooding that affects your home and surrounding areas. These should be regularly cleaned.

Many home remedies for drain clogs are ineffective or can cause serious damage to drains and pipes. Our team has professional methods of identifying the cause of a clog and fixing the problem. These include using cameras to inspect your drains and pipes without more invasive techniques, such as tearing down walls or landscape excavation. Once our cameras identify the source of the clog, we use high-pressure water jetting to break apart and clear the clog.

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Ignoring drain clogs or trying to fix them yourself can often cause serious damage to your drains. Instead, seek help from Neighborhood Plumbing by calling 877-817-9583 or contacting us online to schedule a service appointment.

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