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St. Cloud Air Handler Repair & Replacement

One of the most common problems that occurs in any air conditioning system is air handler failure. Fortunately, the expert technicians at Neighborhood are experienced in resolving air handler repair and replacement issues. We offer quick, professional, and efficient services to customers. Do think of Neighborhood the next time you’re in need of air handler repair and replacement services in St. Cloud.

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What We Offer under Air Handler Repair Service

Neighborhood offers the following air handler services:

  • Ensure that the fan blades, coils, and dampers are dust-free and adequately lubricated.
  • Verify that the damper actuators, couplings, and linkages are functioning and well-aligned.
  • Ascertain that condensation pans and drains are free of rust.
  • Ensure that the coils, refrigerant lines, valves, and fittings are in optimal condition.
  • Ascertain that all parts are in good working condition and devoid of defects.
  • Make sure the fan RPM meets the design specifications.
  • Verify that bearing collar set screws on the fan shaft are tightly fitted.
  • Ascertain that all belts are strong enough for the unit to function properly.
  • Make certain that cooling coils are free of moisture.
  • Ensure that freeze setting is on the appropriate temperature setting.
  • Make sure the AC unit is properly cleaned.

Common Issues with Air Handlers

Some of the most common air handler issues relate to:

  • Damaged coils due to dirt buildup.
  • Damaged blower wiring.
  • Faulty electrical connections and wiring.
  • Blocked air filters from dirt buildup.

Air Handler Maintenance

When it comes to optimal air handler maintenance, it makes sense to keep the air filter clean. The air filter is usually located behind the bottom panel of your indoor unit. Some AC units may have two filters.

  • Insert the clean filter with the arrows pointing in the direction of the airflow.
  • With semi-permanent filters, remove the filter from the frame and clean it.
  • Disposable filters should be replaced every month. Ensure the size of the new air filters is the same as the ones originally provided.
  • Don’t let your system run unnecessarily when going out of town or when the weather is pleasant. Resetting the system will make your home temperature comfortable again.

Call & Speak to Our Experts to Know More about Air Handler-Related Issues

Contact us at (855) 265-2345 to find out more about how we will deal with and resolve your air handler problems.

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