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How To Troubleshoot A Furnace That Won't Start

Posted by William Sherk
William Sherk

mn-furnace-repair-troubleshooting_tips.pngBrrr… It’s getting cold! You need heat and your Furnace won’t start.  Now you’re wondering if there is anything you can do to get it started without having to call for help. It’s ok, you’re not alone and thousands of Minnesotan homeowners that are having Furnace problems right now are thinking the same exact thing! Fortunately, just because your Furnace won’t start doesn’t mean you need to give us a call for a professional Furnace Repair. You might be able to get it started yourself.

Since 1947, at Neighborhood, our Furnace Repair Experts have helped thousands of homeowners identify the cause of their Furnace Problems. Because we service all brands there’s not a Furnace on the market that we don’t know how to fix. However, just because we know how to repair any Furnace doesn’t mean you need our help. Take a quick run through the following check list first and you just might be able to get heat again!

The 5 Step Can Checklist

Step 1: Check The Thermostat

First make sure you’ve got some fresh new batteries in your thermostat. Next, turn it to “Heat” and adjust the temperature so that it is higher than the ambient temperature in the room.

Did it start?

Yes - Great! Your good to go.

No -  Continue to Step 2...

Step 2: Check The Power

Just like most home appliances your furnace needs power too. Make sure the breaker for the furnace hasn’t tripped. If your furnace has a power switch. Make sure it’s turned to “on” Now go back to the thermostat and turn it up again.

Did it start?

Yes – Nice! That was easy. Bring on the heat!

No -  Continue to Step 3…

Step 3: Check The Blower Compartment

Most blower compartments at the bottom of a furnace have an inspection window that you can look through. Inside you’ll see a circuit board with LED lights. Take a peek. 

Do you green flashing lights?

Yes – Continue to Step 4...

No (they’re RED) – Uh oh. You should probably call for professional help. When you have red flashing lights that means you have technical problem and we all know that technical problems are usually best left to a pro.

Step 4: Check The Drain Line

Usually more towards the top of your Furnace you should be able to find a drain line. If that line is blocked your Furnace won’t turn on. If you have a condensate pump and that’s not working your furnace won’t start either.

Is the line free and clear?

Yes – Continue to Step 5…

No – Clear the drain line and repeat Step 1...

Step 5: Check The Gas

Sometimes getting your Furnace to start could be as simple as making sure the gas is turned on. Follow the gas line from the side of the furnace until you find a shut off valve and make sure it is open. 

Is it open?

Yes – Give us a call, you’ve got a bigger problem.

No – Open the valve by making sure it is perpendicular to the gas line and repeat Step 1…

My Furnace Still Won't Start! What Next? 

After you’ve ran through the these troubleshooting steps and still can’t get your Furnace to start or are unsure what to do next, Contact Us. At Neighborhood we have an expert Furnace Repair team that has the knowledge and tools to check and fix all Furnace models and brands. Our Furnace Repair Technicians are certified to work with gas, water and electricity. We know how to work with any Heating System in a safe and efficient manner.

At Neighborhood our experienced professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help identify the cause of your problems. We also offer 24 Hour Emergency Furnace Repair Service throughout Minnesota. If you need help or have any questions about your Furnace or would like us to come to your home and identify the cause of a problem give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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