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How Do You Know If Your Heating Or Cooling System Is Going to Make It?

Posted by Scott Sherk
Scott Sherk

Google can provide you with 193,000,000 results... 

But when I asked my mother this question, she proudly replied “Your father would look at a heating or cooling system thoroughly, test the system, and tell the customer everything they need to know so they could decide. Sometimes it was best to replace and other times not."


Scott Sherk - 3rd Generation (left), Ruth Sherk - 2nd Generation (center), Alex Sherk - 4th Generation (right)

Looking to today, my son, Alex, came home from college to our family business. Grandmother now wants her grandson to be able to look at Heating & Cooling just like Grandad did and to teach him the important knowledge and values that my family has passed from generation to generation. As I thought of my mom’s desire I came up with this plan:

My son and I would like to come to your home to observe, test, and certify your home’s heating & cooling systems for FREE.*


One last thing, for helping me teach Alex proper practices i have a $50 gift certificate for any future problems and hope you'll think of us first. Call or schedule online today and we’ll happily set up an appointment to have my son and I out to your home. 

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